Heart Shield
Congestive Heart Failure Prevention Program

Families with loved ones at risk for developing or experiencing progression of congestive heart failure gain peace of mind from Altercare’s innovative Heart Shield program. This innovative initiative, implemented at each of Altercare’s rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, empowers care providers and families to proactively identify and address symptom changes related to congestive heart failure. Early identification can have an immense effect on an individual’s quality of life and health outcome, often preventing hospital re-admission.

Specially Trained Nurses

Heart Shield employs specialized skills training for licensed nurses related to clinical assessment and effective communication among the patient’s care team, along with empowering families through a patient education component.

The critical analysis and communication skills our nurses develop result in:

  • Early identification of changes in an individual’s condition during nurse assessments
  • Timely, comprehensive communication between physicians and health care employees, orchestrating the treatment and services needed and, ultimately, reducing the chance of hospital readmission.

Engaged Patients

Through Heart Shield, we provide patient education related to the symptoms, treatment and typical progression of congestive heart failure to all patients diagnosed with congestive heart failure upon their admission to any Altercare of Ohio facility.

Intelligent Technology

In addition to education, Altercare harnesses the power of business technology via our electronic medical records to alert nursing leadership if a resident is at risk for re-hospitalization and flag relevant changes in a patient’s clinical status.